Indigo Shelf Life

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Indigo Shelf Life

I found some Indigo in the back ( way back ) of my freezer.  It is still in the package, but I do not know how long the shelf life is.. Will it still leave a stain??? 

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Re: Indigo Shelf Life

The only way to know is to test it. Put some in a bowl with water and put a small piece of paper towel in there, part in and part out of the paste - see if blue/green dye crawls up the paper.

It's best not to freeze the powder but some folks have done it and their indigo survived. I keep mine at cool room temperature and I find its dye gets a bit weaker after a year, but it still works.

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Re: Indigo Shelf Life

Hi, do you have the vashma green leaf indigo or the ancient blue crystal?

Neither type should be kept in the freezer but you'll need to test what you have according to what type it is and see how it coped. Air tight, cool and dry is best for indigo.


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