The After Henna Wash

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 Ok I have been reading some conflicting henna wash instructions.  One article suggests that one should wash henna out of the hair with conditioner and then wash it out just enough to leave a bit of conditioning slime on the hair making sure not to wet hair after for 24-48 hours.  Another stresses not to use any conditioner or shampoo on hair after its washed out and also not after for 24-48 hours. Still there are other articles that say you should shampoo henna out of the hair and condition.

So what's the story? Which method of washing out henna is the best.  I figured that the washing it out with conditioner might be a good idea since it would leave the hair nice and soft but one article says 'Even a conditioner should not be used as henna itself conditions your hair. Conditioners are loaded with chemicals so do not use a conditioner after henna treatment.' 

I'm not sure what affect the 'chemicals' in a regular conditioner could possible have on henna. Its confusing to know exactly what method is correct with so much conflicting information. 


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Re: The After Henna Wash

Until you shampoo, your hair is likely to feel dry, coated, strawlike, tangly and crunchy, with an itchy scalp. I always condition the henna out, shampoo after that to remove henna residue, then finish with conditioner. I would shampoo after indigo as well but some people find they fade the indigo if they do that, so they wait a day or two. But it will be an itchy day or two ;)

For regular daily maintenance, you may or may not need conditioner on hennaed hair; everyone's different.