Using Henna for African Hair Black Kit


I have natural African American locks, I've used the Celebration henna, then the Jamila henna which I liked better. I like the burgundy highlight, although its been about a month and its, I guess as they told me, "maturing" and getting deeper, so I want to liven it back up. I bought the henna for african hair black kit, (was going to go black, but I changed my mind to keep the red color). I'm going to keep the "red" up, so I might just throw away the indigo pack and the henna has been in the freezer closed up. My question is, what makes that henna, henna for "african hair"? What is the difference between that and the rest of the henna's? Also, the henna has made my hair much "harder", not as soft and very dry. I know that was a "side effect" of using it, but what can I do to make my hair softer? I am probably going to henna tomorrow.



The henna for African Hair has the finest sift, that's what makes it recommended for African hair and especially for dreadlocks.

Many people like to do a deep conditioning treatment right after they henna for softer hair. You can also oil your hair, or use shea butter on it. Mixing your henna with something less acidic like green tea is something Nikki (of recommends. You can also add a squirt of honey to your paste after dye release.

Ok thank you!

.From what I've read, the Henna for "African" hair is sifted much finer. Making it easier to be removed from course coils and locks