figuired out how to get rid of blue/green tinge of indigo

I now have red hair thanks to 2 applications of BAQ henna but I think it's too bright for me. I had thought I couldn't use indigo because it left my sample hair with a blue/green tinge due to the peroxide. I hennaed over the sample hair a 2nd time and I got a deep chocolate brown minus blue/green tinge! Bit of a lengthy process though. I am wondering whether to go with the dark brown or do repeat applications with the henna to see if the red will deepen? My hennaed is mostly red but in a certain light it looks orange! However, dark brown is too dark for me. If I use indigo and change my might and decide to stick with just henna, will the indigo fade?

Typically indigo will fade some (not completely) the first couple of times until it sticks. Or it can stick the first time. For a few people, they have a lot of trouble getting it to stick.

If you are using a henna/indigo mix, and getting a blue/green tinge from indigo that doesn't go away after 48 hours (that is how long it usually takes to fully oxidize to its final color) try decreasing the proportion of indigo, or increasing the application time. Longer application time will give henna a chance to deposit more henna than indigo (since indigo works faster than henna).

Or if you are talking about using indigo *after* henna in a 2-step process, try an indigo gloss instead of full strength indigo, or use the indigo for a briefer application.

Good idea about the gloss. How much indigo should I add to the conditioner and if I don't cover every strand will it look uneven? Thank you.

1 Tbsp indigo per cup conditioner would be a weak gloss, 3 Tbsp would be a strong gloss. If you apply unevenly, your color will be uneven.

I have a question about the 2 step henna indigo process. After I had hennaed my sample strand the 1st time, I then applied the indigo for only 15 mins. I got a nice light brown without the blue green tinge. It was when I left the indigo on for an hour that I got a dark brown and that awful tinge. My question is how can I leave the indigo in for 15 mins on my thick long hair when it takes 1 hour to apply it thoroughly t o all my hair?

Yeah, indigo is harder to apply than henna. Putting your indigo in something creamier should help, like instant vanilla pudding, yogurt, conditioner ... in other words, try a strong gloss so you can mush it in faster. Glosses are more prone to fading but it could be worthwhile to try it - or get someone to help you apply the paste. I'd shoot for getting it in the hair in 5-10 minutes.

Some people apply in the bathtub so they can move faster and not worry so much about avoiding splattery indigo messes. You can put on your shower cap right away and then clean up your tub and yourself by showering off.