Good hair

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Good hair

I yesterday wathced Chris Rock's movie "Good Hair" and it was quite eye-opening for me. Althou I saw afro-hair while being in States I must admit I have never ever thouht the whole problematic of hair and hair-business.
 I DO swear - I will never ever complain about having a 'bad hair life' anymoer. NEVER!

I had no idea what chemical strightening means and perms can mean opposite things. I couldn't even think about having perms on 3yo kid or spending fortune for fake-hair...

And here are links to Tyra Banks' Show that goes on with the same topic, in 5 parts:

I am still in amaze and confused.
I come from mildly said monocultural and monoracial society. Even in times of USSR we didn't have much people from southern republics - mostly caucasians, diverse bu nationality, linguistically and as it was a Soviet time not even reiligously. With the hair we have strong (and fake9 belief that Estonians are (and have been) all blonds which is not true. But bleaching and peroxide are still women's good friends here... And kids who were mocked were the ones with red heir - not that much.
So I don't feel like being right person to discuss about afro-hair and whole this attitude with hair. But this movie and the whole theme is amazing...

Any thoughts, comments, replies?