What is fashion for - made to wear or made to fear?

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What is fashion for - made to wear or made to fear?

This year's London Fashion Week has opened up a discussion about sizes and thin models again. I think one of the best comments I read about it was like this: What do fashion designers think when they make their clothes and expose them put on to teenage girls of size 0 or even 00 while their audience who actually CAN buy their stuff is usually middle-aged women who either have children or have at least some kind of figure anyway?
The weirdest thing now is the use of trendy androgynes: male models who look like women or from undefinable gender and wear women clothes.

Here are some links:

To be frank and fair - these pictures reminded me famous painting of Bernt Notke, only survived exemplar in whole Europe is in Estonian Capital Tallinn's Niguliste Church called the Dance of Death:
Here is smaller one but whole picture.