Henna'd my hair for the first time!

Hallo! I thought I'd post here and show the pictures I took today after I hennaed my hair for the first time. 

I started out with medium brown, with more reddish tones toward the ends from when I chemically dyed my hair last summer. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/MarynNeondreamer/MyPhotos/23782_106591432699788_1000004679452.jpg

200g of BAQ2 henna, about a quart of lemon juice, and four hours later, it is now a vibrant coppery auburn. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/MarynNeondreamer/MyPhotos/IMG_0231.jpg

The previous picture doesn't really do it justice. Here's a picture that turned out terrible (way to go taking a pic with no flash inside, Mory) but I think better reflects the color. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v125/MarynNeondreamer/MyPhotos/GoldenRobin.jpg

I actually really liked the stuff I used. Since I'm new at this, I figured I should get a variety with fairly low dye content, in case I applied it unevenly or otherwise managed to mess it up. Luckily it seems to have turned out perfectly. I might keep buying the same kind, since I like the color I've got now and don't want it to get too dark too fast. I'm even kind of afraid of how much darker it will get over the next couple days when it finishes doing its thing! I'm sure it will look fine though, and I'll post another picture then.

Nice to meet you all! :D

I LOVE it, absolutely LOVE IT. It's very similar to my colour. LOVE IT x

Even the BAQ2 has plenty of dye content, though it's the lowest that Catherine currently sells.

Over on the LHC forum there is a post titled "H4H Pakistani Henna - Warning ??"  and what it's about is the poster thought they'd "weaker color" with it ... whoopsie!

Thanks for the pictures!  I'm also thinking of using henna for the first time and I literally have the same faded hair color AND color of roots as your before picture, so this has inspired me to actually go through with it.  Would love to see what it darkens to!  Also, I'm wondering how you approached doing your roots...did you put the dye on them before or after the rest of your hair?

I'll be honest, I did kind of a sloppy job of it. I tried to section my hair from bottom to top like in the directions here, but I couldn't see the back of my head, and I was getting henna paste all over the clip I was using to keep the rest of my hair up, and it was just kind of awkward... So what I did is take it all down, then grabbed a little (2"? and not terribly thick) strip of hair at a time and put the henna on that way. I guess that means I did the roots first, then the ends, then the roots of another strip, then the ends, etc. I'm surprised it worked as well as it did, I was sure I was going to miss some somewhere. My advice: don't worry about which way you do it, but definitely get someone to help, LOL.

Moryera, next time try getting a second mirror and hang it opposite your bathroom mirror/medicine cabinet - even if its temporary. If your main bathroom mirror doesnt move (meaning its not a medicine cabinet but a solid panel mirror), try to hang the other mirror in a way that allows you to angle it.

That way you can see all sides of your head.



I lucked out in that the bathroom I use has two mirrors like this and one of them is a medicine cabinet so I can just open that to angle it so I can see all sides very easily.



If you cant do a set up like this, definitely enlist help! lol