How long before henna demise ?

I left my henna for dye release for 2 days (not by choice) but by poor timing.Will it still be good ? And how long does it take to thaw frozen henna ? Thanks in advance.

It depends on what you mixed it with, and how warm the room is. If it was all lemon juice in a cool room it should be fine. If water in a warm room, it may be fairly dead.

If you freeze it flat in a ziploc bag it will thaw in a bowl of warm water in about 20 minutes. If it's a big block of frozen henna it will take longer.

Thanks for your quick reply Carrie.This is my mix :

2 sample bags of  cassia

1 sample bag of henna(ancient sunrise) + 100 gr henna(ancient sunrise)

1 sample bag of buxus( mixed after 12 hours)

7 tsps. cardamom (fragrance)

16 tsps vanilla(fragrance)

2 tsps olive oil

1/2 cup OJ

3/4 cup chamomile (2 bags)

1/4 cup lemon juice

Mis them all up except for buxus (added after 12 hours).Left on top of the fridge for 12 hours.Did not have time to use it so it stood in the bathroom,tempt around 50-70's uncovered for 2 days. Still did not have time  to use it that day so I put it on those carrot bags.(total 2 days.I'm thawing them right now.We'll see. So it's ok to thaw it in warm water ?Thanks


Wow, that's an interesting mix. Aren't the sample bags really small, like a tsp of powder? Did you add that tiny amount of buxus and cassia to your 100 gm of henna? 

That is a whole lot of fragrance, as well. Keep in mind all the stuff like this that you add to the henna is diluting the dye. That's fine if you don't mind less color.

Two days is a bit long to leave a mix that isn't super acidic, but you may still get some color out of it. Also since you didn't cover it, it could be less potent.

If using warm water to thaw the paste, watch it carefully and use it as soon as you can mush it up into a workable consistency. In order words, it's best to use it while it is still cold. Don't let it sit until it is warm.

Before you use it, test a dab on your palm for 5 minutes, see if you get an orange stain. If not, you may not have any active dye anymore.