Celebration vs. Regular Ancient Sunrise Kit

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Celebration vs. Regular Ancient Sunrise Kit

Hello...  I'm wondering which henna kit to get: Celebration Ancient Sunrise Kit, or the regular Ancient Sunrise kit? My roots are mousy-brown with streaks of grey, and the rest of my hair is old chemically-processed hair covered with the regular Chai kit, which has resulted in a stubborn ORANGE, which really does not look good on me.  The Chai might have worked fine if I didn't have the chemically-processed hair.  What I'd like is to cover the orange.  Later, as my hair continues to grow, maybe I'll try the Chai again, to see how it responds to my mousy-brown & grey hair.  In the meantime, wondering if the Celebration kit would do a better job of covering my orange hair.  Maybe the Medium Brunette kit....?

Thanks in advance for any help!  :)