I have NO color whatsoever on in my lips, if I were to put a little henna on them and leave it, would I get a slight stain?

Obviously I don't want orange lips, but just a tinge of ANY color at this point would be awesome, I look like a corpse if I am not ALWAYS wearing some kind of colored gloss or lipstick or something...


Possibly, but I dont know that I would recommend it. Even if it did take, it would look weird I think.

 And it wouldn't last more than a day or two because lip skin is very thin and exfoliates very quickly.

There are lip stain products though. You should google around and see what you can learn about those!

I tried it, on very dry lips.  It tasted terrible, stung every crack and cut, and only dyed the edges right around the skin a funny, mottled funky brown shade, which thankfully lasted only a bare day or so.  I wouldn't bother trying it.  It looked BAD.  Even eyeshadow in oil makes lip balm, or there are dozens of choices running around.  Heck, eat a few dark cherries! :)