Henna on Natural Auburn Hair

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Henna on Natural Auburn Hair

I am new to here and have been searching for info all over the web regarding henna on natural red hair.  There is plenty of advice for henna mix selection based on blond, brown, black and grey hair but I am not finding much for my own auburn hair.

Here is my pic.  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1462656044929&set=a.1431419224028.2058364.1189309110

In case my pic doesn't come up, I would call my color copper and much more on the dark side then strawberry blond.  Never been a strawberry blond at all.

Now at 48 I have I have been using Sebastians Red Red Laminate (a cellophane product) which will look dark maroon with some purplish highlights untill I have washed it a couple times.  ( It looks like doll hair to me, don't like it )  Then it goes to a nice rich med dark auburn color I love and seems like what my color used to be when I was younger and finally fading to my copper color which can look much more drab where the greys conjugate. 

I have received a sample of the Celebration but thinking this will make me much more RED rather than a new copper penny color which is more natural for me.  I want to stay closer to the copper penny then maroon, or fire engine red.  Orange like carrot top would be aweful.

My boyfriend would love a vibrant color like on the "How to" page, but I don't want to get to there in one application.

So, bottom line, is Celebration likely too bold.  Is Yemen going to be enough? 

Thank you.


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Re: Henna on Natural Auburn Hair

Your facebook asks us to login, so I'm going to have to go on your description...


Celebration is actually very likely to give you an auburn color. All henna will be fairly orange the first 48 hours or so until it oxidizes to its final color. No natural henna can give you fire engine red on its own.


Dont knock it till you test it. Mix the sample and test it out. Remember to cover the paste while dye releasing and while its on the sample. Give it about 3 hours on the hair, then rinse and let it sit a week.


If that is too dark for you, then Yemen Light diluted in a gloss (about 1 tablespoon of dye released paste per cup conditioner) left on for about an hour to two hours should do it.



Remember that henna doesnt fade so if you like the auburn, remember that it will be the color you will have for some time.

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