Rinsing problem - solved

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Rinsing problem - solved

Well it's solved temporarily.  We were doing house work Memorial Day weekend and I decided to henna my hair as I wasn't going anywhere that day.  Rinsing is my least favorite step and even doing a mermaid soaks leaves it a bit difficult.  It was a hot day and we had the hose out so it seemed like a good idea to try that.  So there I am leaning over the porch railing, trying to keep my clothes dry while squirting my head with the hose.  Having help woulkd have made it easier but in the end it was a good idea. 

Since it had been laying out for a bit it wasn't icy cold and by the time it was getting icy, the water running off my hair was pretty clear.  Wrapped my head in a towel and went in to finish rinsing in the shower.  Used conditioner to get the last bits out and a wash cloth to scrub what had dried along the hair line.  Shortened my rinse time immensely.

I know where I'll be found the rest of the summer when it's time to rinse, I'll be outdoors :)



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Re: Rinsing problem - solved

If you have one of those spray nozzles, either attached to the actual faucet (like the new ones) or to the right of it, you can use those too I would imagine.


Something to keep in mind during the colder months!

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Re: Rinsing problem - solved

And no henna-ring to scrub out of the tub! Brilliant!

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