Bridal Chamber - Mendhi

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Bridal Chamber - Mendhi

I'm looking for any information anyone might have concerning the art of Mendhi as it would pertain to the bridal chamber or other spiritual rituals from past history.

The Gospel of Mary states that every man has the spirit of a woman who is meant to be his true bride & that every woman has the spirit of a man who is meant to be her husband. It also claims that Jesus was Mary's spirit & Mary is actually the one passed Jesus' message onto the disciples. It claims that she was referred to as Cephas b/c of the stigma attached to woman preaching.

I've been studying spirituality for a while now & experimenting w/ practicing what they all preach - I recently came across the Gospel of Mary, which I only knew as the Gospel of Thomas before but the teachings are actually explained in Mary's Gospel.  I've read other Gnostic texts - I've studied Kabbalah & Thoth & Buddhism. I've also read the Pristis of Sophia - which is way out there spiritually.

I've recently had several encounters during the night that seem like a dream & not like a dream at the same time. Several times I've had a presence come into my bed & kind of spoon me & twice a hand & arm have come across my body which I'm able to interact w/. It's a woman's arm & it's always decorated w very ornate Henna tattoos that also have jewels stuck in the design as well. Every time I try to turn around & look who's attached to the hand & arm I wake up or it disappears - I'm not sure which.

I've seen henna tattoos before in the past but I haven't seen or thought about them in many years - so it's strange that that would be part of my dream if it's just a dream.  I looked it up on the internet after it happened the second time & that's when I learned about Mendhi.  I never heard of that before & when I saw that it was part of a bridal ritual I thought that was kind of freaky & interesting at the same time.

If anyone has any information about any of this or knows anything more about the history of Mendhi please let me know - thanx

It hasn't happened for a couple weeks now & has only happened 7 or 8 times total. It's not like any dream I've ever had.