Dull cassia results

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Dull cassia results

 I have henned my hair for the last few months and have had excellent results (consequently there has been a henna convert craze amongst my friends that is threatening to take over the town...).  My hair is a dark blonde colour with light blonde streaks which henned to the perfect shade of copper red.  Recently I did a cassia treatment to my hair and my fathers (which is grey blonde).  It was a disaster - my beautiful henned hair turned a very dull brown red - no sparkle or shine and my hair felt stiff and dry for days when it is normally glossy and healthy.  Ditto for my father.  What is going on???  I did an overall henna to repair the damage and it worked - although it was a little darker.  So, seeing as I have half a kilo of cassia in my fridge, last week I tried cassied again, thinking perhaps I stuffed something up with the release process - the same results but worse.  I followed the instructions to the T - this time using mandarin juice and letting it dye release for twelve hours.  I noticed both times that the cassia mixed to a very dark brown paste - dramatically different from the green henna.  I have had a look at the forum and see that some people mentioned hard water as a possible culprit.  I cassied my hair in two separate places - when I did my fathers and my hair it was with creek water and when I did my hair the second time it was in Sydney which has supposedly soft water.  I was actually wondering if the cassia I bought could possibly be buxus by mistake (although it says cassia on the packet) - since the effect seems to be like putting a dull grey blue over normally shiny bright red henna.... Other than the colour, the thing I am wondering about is why it has turned my hair so dull - the opposite effect to what I was after...

Any ideas????  

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Re: Dull cassia results

If you bought your cassia from mehandi.com, I seriously doubt you got buxus by mistake. It could happen, but I kinda doubt it. I'm leaning more towards hard water as the problem since hard water and cassia have been reported to result in brown, green and even black. If you've washed your hair repeatedly from a source of hard water, it can build up and stay in your hair. What I suggest is trying a mineral build up remover like Rainwash from mehandi, or something similar. Give it a try a few times and that should help. And from now on, use distilled water to mix your pastes to avoid this issue.


Cassia has also been reported to have the opposite effect of henna for some people, causing dry and brittle hair. It doesnt bring as much shine as henna either way though. But it may sound like your hair doesnt agree too much with cassia.

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Re: Dull cassia results

 I agree with everything above. Just one little thing to add...

If you were to have buxus, you would notice that the powder is gray. The paste it makes isn't as smooth. Its kind of crumbly, and has a totally different smell.

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