What to bring with you?

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What to bring with you?


i had yesterday a client and then we talked about being a henna artist and that im just doing this about a year now and they said that they have seen a lot of henna artist that bring a bag filled with a kinds of stuff and so.

So i was wondering if im not missing something with me when im out to a client.


this is what i usually bring with me:

-filled hennacones of course.

-my lemon/sugar seal.

-qtips and cotton swaps.

-tape incause something goes wrong with my cones.

-tissues (in case the client hasnt)

-lemon juice

-some hennapatrones examples


thats it i think.


thanks sailor.

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Re: What to bring with you?

 That sounds about right to me.  Maybe a pair of scissors or nail clippers to cut your cone.  Pins in case your cone gets clogged.  A float in case the client doesn't have exact change.  Toothpicks to fix small mistakes.  But I think the  main things are something to clean the skin,  henna/applicators, and sealant.  The other stuff is just backup in case of emergencies.  Of course if you're doing a festival or something, you will have more stuff (glitter, table cloth, signs, business cards, etc.) but I don't see needed a lot of stuff for just one client.

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