too dark brown in back, good in front

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too dark brown in back, good in front

I have been using henna (punjabi prime) for over a year now. I love the color, but I have almost all grey/white in the front.

I have added buxus into the mix to get a more even color, the back is a nice auburn, but the front is more brighter red.

After my last henna, (last night) I used henna 1/4, buxus 1/2 and 1/4 indigo.

This resulted in the front being a perfect auburn, but the back is brown, is there anyway I can return the back to auburn?

Can I just put straight henna on it? (the back) or is there anything to use to help wash a little of the indigo/buxus out?

thanks for any help


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Re: too dark brown in back, good in front

 The buxus tends to fade over time anyway. Washing the indigo A LOT in the fist day after you color with indigo can pull some of the color out. Use something strong like dish soap or clarifying shampoo.

Going over it with more henna may not be the way to go. While it may add warmth to the brown hair, it will also continue to make it darker. You'll have to decide if that will be a good option for you.

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