Mix Advice for Golden Coppery Red

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Mix Advice for Golden Coppery Red

I have virgin light brown / dirty blonde hair to the middle of my back. I want to achieve a golden, coppery red similar to Joanna Garcia's in these pics:



I was thinking 200g of Cassia w/ 200g of Henna. Will this get the color I'm looking for & will that be enough for my long hair? Also, do I want to mix it with distilled water or lemon juice since I want it to stay kind of bright? How long do I let the dye develop & how long do I leave it on my hair?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Mix Advice for Golden Coppery Red

That sounds like a good plan to base some strand tests on :) and let them oxidize a week.

Your desired color appears rather brownish and henna can be brighter than that on dark blonde hair, which is why I recommend you strand test to be sure you want to use that high a proportion of henna. It's also possible, depending on your starting color, that you would do better with all henna and no cassia. Strand testing will tell you a lot.

400 gm total should be enough, perhaps more than enough but it's good to have extra.

You say you want it bright and in that case distilled water would be okay (though it will not prevent henna from darkening with oxidation, nothing can do that), but your pics are what I consider *not bright at all* and so I would suggest using a slightly acidic mix, like water with a splash of lemon, or all apple juice.

How long you let your henna sit depends on what kind of henna, and what kind of liquid you're using. If you use water, let it sit an hour and then test on your palm to see if you get an orange stain. Keep testing every hour or so until you do.

If you use apple juice, let it sit about 6-12 hours, then test as above.

If you are using Celebration henna, it releases faster than most so test an acidic mix sooner, like after 4 hours perhaps.

Your strand testing will help tell you how long to leave it on. Generally with a cassia/henna mix, one would leave it on for 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on how much color they want from it.

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