question about Henna gloss -changing henna for roots

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question about Henna gloss -changing henna for roots

Would love some advise am getting ready do do my roots after my very first full head Henna.  My hair was med brown with light auborne non ammonia commercial dye.  I am about 30% grey.  I used Mehandi "red" -formula for dye release was 1 cup orange juice and 2 cups herbal tea. Henna was left on for 4 hours.  The coverage was great got all those greys and pretty even color over virgin hair and old dye. The oxydizing did continue for two weeks.  I was glad the orange roots calmed, however was surprised the color changed as much as it did. I am considering doing a Fia's henna gell for roots and changing Henna to Yemen light or Jamila and mix with 1/2 Cassia. I did do one honey treatment in the last couple days that I think did lighten me up a little. The plan would be to leave gel on roots for several hours and the pull rest of hair through for 1 hour more just to even things out but not deposite a lot of color on previous Henna. My color is very nice I do not dislike it. I just would like a more translucent build up of stain and maybe stay a little more ginger?  My questions are if I will be able to cover grey with the 1/2 Cassia gell and whether changing Henna will make the roots look much different than the rest of my hair.  I am also wondering if different Hennas oxidize differently or if it all has to do with original hair color? Thanks for bearing with this long post!

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Re: question about Henna gloss -changing henna for roots

If all your hennaed hair is pretty much the same color now, but you want less red deposited on your roots this time than last time, then your roots will probably not be quite the same color if you use only half as much henna this time. You can get a ginger color on your gray with the cassia/henna mix you describe, probably a bright ginger (orange) but the brown hair will not be ginger, since henna will not lighten it.

I have not observed that different henna *oxidize* differently. Different hennas have varying amounts of dye content (higher dye content = deeper shades of red) and your original hair color does play a role in the outcome, always.

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