Hennapage Forum Terms of Service

The Henna Page ( www.hennapage.com)  is the world’s largest and most respected source of information on henna.  Schools, online encyclopedias, journalists, researchers, lawyers, and physicians, as well as regular people from around the world come to The Henna Page to find the most current, the most accurate, and the most authoritative henna information. The Henna Page is proud to have earned this distinction.  The Henna Page Forum MUST be moderated to maintain this reputation as an educational resource.

If you wish to post on The Henna Page Forum, you must understand and agree to the following terms:

1. Posts are the property of www.hennapage.com and may be moderated and deleted by the owner,  and/or management of www.hennapage.com .  You will not republish any of the contents of this site without the express written permission of the owner.

2. You will post responsibly, and take responsibility for what you post. You may disagree with other posters, and other posters may disagree with you. You are welcome to disagree with ideas, reasoning, facts, and actions. Do not indulge in personal attacks, flaming, flame baiting, trolling, or otherwise disrupt discussions.  Have a sense of humor.  The posts are the opinions of the people who post.  They are not to be construed as the opinions of TapDancing LLC or Catherine Cartwright-Jones.  TapDancing Lizard LLC assumes no liability for the opinions of others.

3. You will post primarily about henna and other arts related to henna.  You may post on topics which are not directly related to henna, but which enhance the understanding of history and cultural traditions surrounding henna.  Since the Henna Page is an internet resource, you may post questions and material that will enhance safe and efficient use of internet resources.   Interesting, brief, off-topic discussions are permitted as long as they are not disruptive.   Marguerite Johnson will remove inappropriate and disruptive off-topic posts.

4. You will not “spam”.  The definition of spam includes aggressive promotion of one’s person, services and/or products or aggressive promotion of other's persons, services and/or products. Spam will be immediately removed and spammers may be blocked from posting without notice.   Posts containing or linking to obscenity, pornography, gambling, offensive or illegal material will be removed immediately.

5. You will not “troll”.  If your post is perceived by The Henna Page management to be intentionally disruptive, it will be removed immediately. If you repeatedly make posts perceived to be intentionally disruptive, you will be blocked from posting.

6. You will not hot-link images with your post without permission of the originating site.  Hot-linking without permission is a violation of copyright law and is bandwidth theft.

7. You will not violate copyright law in your posts. You may use quotes from articles for the purposes of discussion.  When you quote articles, please cite the source.  You will not violate copyright law in your artwork.  If you have copied or derived your artwork from another source, please cite the source. You will post only artwork, text or other material which is your legal property or to which you have secured legal rights.

8. Your posts will not violate the law of the country wherein you reside, or the country wherein your Internet service provider resides, in your posts.  Any post that encourages illegal action will be deleted, and the poster blocked. Posts perceived by The Henna Page management to be bigoted, abusive, harassing, obscene, or in violation of civil, criminal copyright or international law will be removed, and the person posting may be blocked without notice.

9. You may post with your own name, anonymously, or with a pseudonym. If you use one or more pseudonyms to spam, give testimonials for product, persons or services, troll, or make posts perceived to be intentionally disruptive to the forum, you may be immediately blocked from posting.

10. Please do not post on behalf of a person or business who has been removed and/or blocked from posting or advertising on The Henna Page Forum. Such posts will be deleted.

11. If any person’s posts repeatedly violate guidelines, that person may be blocked from posting without notice.

12. If you post and later regret your statements, and wish to have the post removed, please contact forum_admin@hennapage.com, and, if possible, management will remove the post.

13. If a person’s posts are annoying or offensive to you, please report this to the Henna Page manager, forum_admin@hennapage.com , rather than responding on the Forum. Please include the post number in your complaint.  If Management receives 12 complaints about any one person, Management will, at its discretion, block that person from further posting.  Emails are private correspondence and Management will not release or make public any private correspondence without the permission of the author.

14. Marguerite Johnson is the job title of moderator on The Henna Page Forum, and is not one, but several people appointed by management.  All Marguerites follow the same guidelines in moderation. duties.  Marguerite Johnson reviews all posts,  and has full discretion to remove posts. Marguerite Johnson will delete any post that does not adhere to the above stated guidelines.    If there is a post you believe should be deleted, please contact  forum_admin@hennapage.com.

15. These guidelines may be modified at any time, and the current guidelines will be posted on this page. These modifications will be posted on The Henna Page Forum.  It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of the guidelines when you post. Check them from time to time.  If you have a question about these guidelines, contact forum_admin@hennapage.com.

16. You will direct any comments and questions concerning The Henna Page's policies to site management at forum_admin@hennapage.com.