Henna=no water= very smelly

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Henna=no water= very smelly
Ok so water is bad for henna so I avoid it for a day or so but what about when your doing a lot of henna on yourself? It's not like you can take a week off showering especially when henna is best applied on hot sweaty days. Any ideas on how to get around this without messing up the development of my henna stain? Plastic bags are great for feet but what about shoulders thighs and what not?
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Re: Henna=no water= very smelly

Water, by itself, dyhydrous monoxide, is not a problem.  If you steam your henna (hot, fast water) it improves the stain! 

Its the chemicals in tap water and the chemicals in our soaps and detergents that spoil henna stain development.

You can find a way around the problem.

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Re: Henna=no water= very smelly

No need for extremes.  You only need to wait a full day before bathing, though 2 days is better.  Apply a little olive oil or non-petroleum body lotion to your henna before you get in. Avoid very hot water and try not to stay in there so long that you get wrinkly.  Gently pat your hennaed skin dry. 

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Re: Henna=no water= very smelly

If you need to wash, then do so.  Try to avoid long showers or baths, dishes, swimming, etc.  If you want, you can put balm over it, something with beeswax, that will help create a barrier between the water and your stain.  I think the exfoliation water creates helps take it off, but I wouldn't worry too much.  The only time I've had any real problems is if I go swimming.  Below are some links to my henna stains.  I get this kind of colourmost times, and I'm Muslim, so my hands get washed at least five times daily, I also wash my paste off, since first prayer is sometimes at 5am, less than eight hours after I apply the design.  I just make sure to wash dishes with gloves, and put balm on before a shower, and don't scrub like crazy after I use the bathroom.




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Re: Henna=no water= very smelly

I shower and wash normally.  I don't baby my henna.  I encourage clients to keep out of water, but I never follow my own directions.  I figure most people won't follow them and the henna on myself is an accurate representation of my water filled lifestyle.  I have four kiddos and am constantly cooking, cleaning, and washing my hands.  I get beautiful long lasting stains anyway...

Well terped high quality henna is the key.

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