Going from 2-Step Process to 1-Step?

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Going from 2-Step Process to 1-Step?

Hi all.

I love the blue black sheen I get from first using henna, then indigo.  But I find it's just such a lengthy, all day process, and I was wondering if I could achieve the same color if I used a 1-step mix.

My hair is naturally an ashy dark brown.  Because of an already dark base, do you think I could use a 1-step process and still achieve the deep blue black that I have right now?  If so, what ratio of henna:indigo should I use?

Thanks for any tips!!

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Re: Going from 2-Step Process to 1-Step?

You can definitely get a dark brown, but I haven't heard from anyone who got black with a 1-step, except on the hair that had indigo on it previously. In other words, if you do a full-head 1-step process with more indigo than henna, more than once, your length will build up to black, but your roots would very likely be brown instead of black.

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