Victorian women and their sexuality

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Victorian women and their sexuality

I posted it into FB TAAb forums, but will repeat here, too.

We have mostly grown up by knowledge, that victorian women had corsettes, crinolines and almost no sexuality. Sex was something men had, women had constant headache and very fragile health (Agatha Christie comments her victorian anities vesy lovely - even at the age of 98 the declared, sitting on canape, that - when I was 16 doctor said I don't live much, I've always had very fragile health). This is what we mostly know - by films, books and somekind of general knowledge that situates somewhere in social spinal core. It just is so.

Let me introduce you probably the very first female sex scholar - Dr. Clelia Duel Mosher.
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Re: Victorian women and their sexuality

Thank you for posting this! I'm intrigued and moved by her story and her discoveries. Quite amazing, the insights she was able to reach, given her own (as far as we know) limited experience!

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