Business Licensing in Alberta, Canada?

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Business Licensing in Alberta, Canada?

Hi everyone!  I am so glad to have found such an informative site.  You are all so tallented and I find much inspiration from you all!

 I am hoping to gain information on the business end of things, specifically to do with licensing.  How do we do it here in Canada?  I am from Southern Alberta and live in a small town outside of Lethbridge. 

My questions are....

If I want to work out of an establishment ( coffee shop or tattoo shope ect..) in the city, would I be able to sub contract out my work and work under that establishments license?

Will vendor fees for festivals and farmers markets usually include the license you would require for the day?

I am getting a lot of mixed information and I am getting very confused...  Please help!


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Re: Business Licensing in Alberta, Canada?

Your best source of info is your City By-law/Licence office. I do Henna In Vancouver, the only times I have needed a licence is to do Henna on the beach, street ect. You can get day permits for that kind of work.... but alberta is different than BC so your best bet is to call your Gov office and see what they require.

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