Did my henna demise?

I did my test samples today. I did four of them and rinsed one sample per hour for four hours so I could get some idea how long to leave the henna on my hair. Honestly, there isn't much difference between the one that sat in my pocket for one hour and the one that sat for four hours. Is that normal? I got to thinking that maybe the henna demised after the first hour so they all got the same amount of dye no matter how long they sat in the henna.

Last night I used 1 cup of "cranberry blend" juice in a sauce pan. It's 100% cranberry, grape and apple juice mixed (smells great btw.) I simmered that with 2 key limes and 1 Tbsp dried cloves for 1 hour and then strained it and allowed it to cool to room temp. Then I mixed that with my DotM to yogurt consistency, covered it with plastic wrap touching the mix and left it sitting on the counter over night. It was about 70 degrees. When I got up I started my tests using 4 freshly washed hair samples in 4 separate baggies and stuck them in my pockets. Do you think overnight is too long to let the henna sit since the liquid is acidic?

That all sounds fine. Acidic liquids like you used will typically take 12 hours to reach a good level of dye release (less acidity makes for faster dye release). Did you happen to test any of the paste on your palm to see if it had dye release?

What color is the hair you're testing on? it can be hard to see henna's color on darker hair unless you look at it in bright light (sunlight is best).

If the hair is white or blond, both samples will look brilliant orange initially, but the 4 hour sample will probably get a bit darker shade of red/orange than the 1 hour sample, once they both oxidize.

Also, did you squeeze/suck the air out of the bags? Any air trapped inside could have messed with the dyeing process by drying the henna out some.


But I would give it a week. Never judge your samples when you first do them, they're all going to look about the same the first 24 - 48 hours, then they'll darken down.

Okay thanks. I'll wait a few days before I decide if I need to do a new test. I still have plenty of hair left in case I do. My hair is just slightly darker than honey. Also, now that Carrie pointed it out I just realized that it was cloudy today so I didn't have the benefit of seeing what they look like in bright sunlight. So far the samples are a lovely copper with sort of a rosy undertone. Almost similar to how rose gold jewelry looks. It will be interesting to see what they look like after they oxidize.

Thanks again for the help  :)