Henna alternative?

I have been looking for an alternative to henna that still isn't as nasty as chemicals.  Just can't stand the red color with henna, even after adding indigo and amla.  I thought I found one in Aubrey Organics but their product contained henna, although they never say it has henna in it on package, just the technical name for it.  Result was purple hair. 

If anyone has tried another product that can give you a natural brown color I would love to know.

I have heard of logwood as another plant dye that might be used on hair but know nothing about it.

I know you said you don't want to use chemicals, but there is a chemical dye called Elumen that some of the henna users on the LHC forum have been using with good results, either with or instead of henna. No PPD, no peroxide, etc, but no one is saying it's all plant materials, I don't think.

I have never heard of Elumen.  Do you know how to obtain some or anyone who used it that could give me some feedback?  Maybe I should start a new thread on Elumen to get more feedback.  Thanks.

If you start a new thread, it would probably be best to try it over on the long hair community forum rather than here I think because this forum's topic is strictly limited to henna and other plant dyes that are not premixed.


Also, google is your friend :) All I had to do was drop "Elumen hair color buy" and it brought up results on buying it online. Though it looks to be Dutch in origin? So if you're in the US, it might be a hard to find in a store.

Or you can go over to the Long Hair Community and do a forum search there for Elumen. I know there are threads on it already. People in the USA are buying it on ebay I think, or you can find a salon here that applies it.

How do you get to the long hair forum?  I don't see that name.

Its not part of mehandi.com so you wouldnt find it on this site. [link]