Help for Medium Brown that came out toooo dark..

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Help for Medium Brown that came out toooo dark..

Hi everyone,

This was my first test using henna. I used a product called Light Mountain Medium Brown in the two step process

*red for 15 min,

* wash and repeat with step two indigo for 3.5 hours (no heat)

So I have about 50% grey at the roots and the rest of my hair was a mixed bag of nuts so I decided to color all of it as opposed to just the roots. The roots are very orangey in spots especially where I am most grey, and the rest is a dark brown which I feel is too dark.

I wanted of course a Medium Brown with maybe a little red (but mostly brown)

Sould I try Sun in, or shampoo with a 40 percent volume lift..

Also what to fix the orange roots...

Next time should I use a different brand and mix in some cassia or alma (whatever to keep from going dark) vs the indigo..

Some clear instructions would be great as I have spent several hours reviewing and have now confused myself..Thank you in advance!!

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Re: Help for Medium Brown that came out toooo dark..

Light Mountain is a premixed brand and it sounds like you didnt follow their instructions but's instructions instead? Unless they changed their products recently and its no longer premixed. Since premixed brands are off topic here, we have no way of knowing and I cant find anything. But if you followed's instructions instead of LM's, that could be why your color went weird on you.


If you did this in the last 24 hours, grab a dish soap and wash your hair with it. This may pull out some of the indigo and lighten your color. However, if its been longer than 24 hours it probably wont help, but its worth trying.


If you try anything else to lift the color, strand test first to be sure you dont end up with the moldy, blotchy green you can get with bleached indigo.


Buxus would probably fix those roots and it wont go too dark on you.


If you try another brand you need to follow THEIR instructions to the letter to get the best color result. And I would not mix in other plants into another brand as its very hard to say what that would do.

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