Henna gloss recipy

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Henna gloss recipy

I recently experimented a henna gloss on my hair that normally takes 300 grams for a full henna application.


50 gr henna

500 ml camomile tea (2 tea bags for 500 ml hot water)

2.5 grams of agar-agar to gell the camomile tea

1 1/2 teaspoon of neem powder

1 1/2 teaspoon of multani miti

1 teaspoon of coconut oil

aprox 3 teaspoons extravirgin olive oil

aprox 20 drops of jojoba oil


Aded the 2 camomile tea bags to 500 ml hot water and left it for a wile while I was doing something else.

Then removed the teabags and placed the tea on the stove to heat up the tea and added 2.5 grams agar agar powder and stired untill the powder disolved. (it takes a few seconds) then removed from heat and placed the pan in a bath of cold water.

Meantime I mixed all oils with neem and multani mati powders.

When the tea was just warm and started to jellyfy I removed it from the cold water bath and I added the henna powder and mixed very well.

After a few minuted I mixed in the oils with the other 2 powders.

Left the mixture for about 2 hours while I applied henna on my friend's hair and then she applied my gloss.

It was very smooth, very easy and fast to apply. Wrapped in cling film and put a hat on for 6 hours. No dripping during all this time. After shampooing and conditioning (not as pelasant as rinsing proper henna paste) my hair was soft, shiny and the color was really refreshed. Even my white roots took some color, not as much as a full henna though. I observed less body due to the softness created by the oils.

Next time I'll leave the oils out to use at a different time only on my ends as my hair is dry at the ends but too much oil makes it too soft and I like te strenght that henna adds by itself.

I found the jelly made from agar agar very easy to make and it makes a  pleasant to use base to dilute henna in.

Will post results when I experiment some more.

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Re: Henna gloss recipy

Thanks for your wonderful detailed report!  Agar agar is a thickener I haven't heard too much about; sounds like it worked really well for giving a good texture to your gloss!

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Re: Henna gloss recipy

Here is some information about agar-agar thickener agent and how to use it:


How Do You Use Agar Agar?

The Alinea reference cookbook calls for the use of agar agar at 0.5% by weight.

That is, if you want to gel 500ml (grams) of a liquid – you should use 2.5 grams of agar agar.

What you do…

  1. Mix the agar agar with any liquid that you want to gel, and bring that liquid to a boil, whisking as you do so to dissolve the agar agar. Once the agar agar has dissolved completely, remove the liquid from the heat, and allow to cool. The liquid will remain liquid until it cools to 35 degrees Celsius, at which point it will begin to gel.
  2. The gel will remain solid until it is heated again to 85 degrees Celsius.
  3. You can also transform that liquid gel into a pudding by blending it until smooth.

Information provenience:


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