New and Bleached blonde

Hi All,

I have been coloring my hair with bleaching kits for about 20 years now. I have a dirty blonde color naturally.... I think lol I color it when the roots get about 1/2 an inch.

My hair now is a light golden blonde, with about 1/2 inch darker roots. I want to henna/cassia, I bought a box of light red, from my local natural store.

Anyhow... I want to go strawberry blonde, im worried that as my roots grow out I will end up with a horrible two toned head of hair. Should I try to find something to darken my blonde first? maybe to something closer to my natural color?

Also how hard is it to get a strawberry blonde color with henna/cassia?



I can say that its really, really, REALLY horrible to have to lighten your hair before you henna. Its a tendinous burden. If I were you, I'd go with something a little darker that you can get over your dirty blond when your virgin roots come in. Maybe to get started you could put a lighter mix on your roots and something a little stronger on the length for your first application to get your lighter hair caught up to your natural color. 

As for what color that is or how to get it... I can't really tell you how to manage that with someone else's products. I can say that cassia with just a little bit of henna will get you a strawberry blond. What the ratio is in your box kit, I couldn't guess!

it says 25% henna to 75% cassia