Tea Questions

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Tea Questions

I am getting ready to do another application (straight up red on the roots of VERY short red/grey natural hair, with curly texture, dry scalp with some eczema (LOVE the henna clearing up the eczema! my scalp feels super wonderful after a good henna soak!)

And I came across this site, I've read the e-book and I have seen mention of tea and ginger as seperate additives to use instead of water. (normally I use filtered warm water, let it sit for hours and hours and then wash my hair, slap it on, massage it around, wrap it up and wander around the house doing stuff till I feel like rinsing).

My question is, I have some lovely heavenly smelling all natural ginger tea I was thinking of trying after reading the e-book, and was curious if anyone else had tried a ginger tea, is this a good idea bad idea? is there a color shift with the ginger at all? should I not brew it to full strength?

Teas I have available to experiement with are;

Green tea (which I am assuming would smell fantastic, but may not be the right amount of acidity)

A rose hip tea


A cinnamon tea

(as well as the ginger)

(they are all straight up natural teas, not teas with artificial flavors added)

I do love the smell of the henna, and I can only think that the tea will make it smell even better, I am more worried here about the fact lemon juice sounds like a bad idea on my particular scalp (my skin is really delicate and pale and easy to irritate) and the smell of orange juice or apple juice will make me sick if I am walking around smelling it for hours, I can't drink apple juice at all cause the smell makes me nauseous, and while I love drinking ICE cold orange juice, once it warms up to room temp the smell is almost as bad as apple juice to me. (yes, I know I am a freak, but there it is...)

Any advice on these particular teas would be much appreciated, as well as suggestions and results from others who have used tea.

Than you for any help you can offer


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Re: Tea Questions

Any of the teas you mention will work, but the cinnamon might irritate your scalp. Ginger will tend to neutralize the scent of henna somewhat. 

None of them will affect the color of your hair.

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