My Henna Story - with pictures

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My Henna Story - with pictures

In Romania, 12 years ago I decided to enhance my natural hair color which is mousy medium brown that goes lighter on my length of hair due to the fact that my hair is really dry and gets damaged very easily plus the sun.... It looks like this:

I decided blonde. I have no pictures but trust me, it looked bad, did not suit me at all. One year later my hair was all fried, I cut all the blonde off and somebody introduced me to henna. I used the french make Henne Color from laboratories Sipa in Auburn shade (Ingredients:Lawsonia inermis, sodium picramate) for the next 4 years. I knew nothing then. I was told it is supposed to be mixed with lukewarm water, egg yoke / conditioner, a dash of olive / sunflower oil (to add Vitamin A and E), few drops of lemon juice (to add Vitamin C) and applied straight away and left over night. I fell in love with henna instantly. Great results, my hair never ever felt better, stronger, shinier, with great body. I did not need to do any styling as it would sit great. I was a convert from that moment onwards. Later, with continuous use my scalp started to feel funny, itchy and I had a burning sensation up to a day or two after I rinsed the henna out of my hair. I thought then that I started to not get along so well with henna anymore but continued to use it as the alternative was not even worth considering. Now I know I was only getting sensitized to sodium picramate. See results:

(comments about mixture etc if you view each picture at a time)

After 4 years I got bored of the red color and wanted my original hair color back with some golden highlights so I stopped henna and the red faded a bit and my roots grew. I started using Henne Color - Golden Blonde (ingredients: Cassia italica,Rheum rhaponticum, Chamomile recutia, Rosmarinus officinalis, Lawsonia inermis) I loved the results, lots of shine, body, still not as golden as I wanted but good enough given my virgin hair color.

A couple of years later I thought: Black! So bought Henne Colour - Black (Ingredients: Indigofera argentea, Lawsonia inermis). Again great body, shine, great hair condition. The only pictures I have with this hair color are from my wedding in summer 2008, in Romania, just as before:

After my wedding we came to live in UK, London where I found no Henne Color :(  Therefor I bought what I could find near me: Black Henna. I still had no idea about anything. Luckily all I managed to buy was old and useless indigo leafs. Thank God nobody sold me PPD rubbish! But none on the indigo leafs ever worked like the Henne Color. I never saw any blue-ish color on top of my mixture. Yes my mixture was wrong, I was using olive oil, conditioner, lukewarm water, coconut oil etc.. but similar I did when I was using Henne Color and still got some results. Probably if when I was using Henne Color I would have done a proper mixture, my black would have  gone a lot darker. The Black Henna I used in UK from the Indian / Pakistani shops around me were either Zarqa indigo leafs or Black Vasma Henna from TopOp. None of them ever worked. My hair was getting weaker and weaker,  damaged and it was definitely missing it's henna fix.

Then a friend had a very bad reaction to a black henna she used and I started to research information about her suspicious allergy to henna and found out about PPD and found Catherine's website. That was a month ago and since then I've been reading her website and forums every day. From the first day I found out how to mix henna and read about the differences between henna, cassia, indigo and all the other great info I got from this website I went and bought proper henna, 100% pure henna from Zarqa, from the same Pakistani shop next to me. I mixed it with lemon juice from 4 lemons and cold water and left it for dye release for a maximum of 20 hours. Then washed my hair, dried it and applied the henna and left it on over night for about 8 hours. It was much easier to rinse out in comparison with all my previous mixes. And Hm... the smell of henna again (not that I like it), shiny hair again, body again it was like my hair came to life again. All that nourishment I missed started again so I wanted more therefor I applied another proper mixture a week later. Meantime still reading forums,  I found out about color build up so did not apply again another week later. I decided to use glosses and cassia in between proper henna applications because I like the orange tint I have now. It is amazing! I had so many compliments for my hair color and my eyes. It seems that the color of my hair draws attention to my eyes now. I am very pleased! My hair still felt dry but I applied a mix made from extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, multani mati, shikakai, neem, amla powders and it worked wonders. See photos:

Towards the ends of my hair you can see my hair is less orange as it still has some faded indigo from 2 years ago.

I am experimenting now with Aritha shampoo. Did not get very far yet.

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Re: My Henna Story

Your hair looks *So* Happy in the last group of photos! Silky and shiny. I can see what you mean about this hair color bringing out your eyes, too.

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Re: My Henna Story - with pictures

AMAZING!!! Your hair looks gorgeous! So shiny so healthy. Thanks for all the pictures. Really helps to see the process you have been through.

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Re: My Henna Story - with pictures

 The hair color really does make your eyes stand out! I think its because they're so similar in color. Very beautiful. My newly hendigoed hair looks similar to that, and I'm loving it so much! 

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