Share your Hair Photos on the Henna for Hair Flickr group!

Henna For Hair has just started a new Flickr group for you all to post images of your gorgeous hair, like we used to do on the H4H Mixes page. Ideally this would include before & after and a short description of your method, but if you only have an after photo, that's okay too.

You do need to join Flickr in order to add your photo, but that's a pretty straightforward process. Here is the page:


Videos on YouTube

Now that we have shifted to this lovely new Forum I'm posting a reminder of the link to a few indigo videos on our YouTube channel devoted to Indigo Bodyart.

Here it is: Indigo Page YouTube channel

Refreshing uneven henna

I've been using henna for about 10 years now. I've only done two full-head applications (the first one and one about a year later), and the rest of the time root applications. The second full application went too dark for me. Thankfully, I discovered at that time that tea tree oil mixed with shampoo will pull henna out, so I was able to correct the color. 

Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment on Henna+Indigo treated hair

Hi everyone,
Before creating this topic I have searched this forum and all the available information on web. Here the latests comments about Keratin for Henna/Indigo hair seem to be from 2013. Thus, I hope te get your recent opinion and more information if possible on the potential damage of Keratin Straightening Treatment on Henna+Indigo dyed hair. 

mixing/freezing henna

My daughter and I color our hair with henna and indigo but we use different ratios.  When I premix/freeze the henna paste I'd like to do them all the same rather than making separate pastes for her and I.  It's been tedious to mix 1/3 cup with orange juice and then plop the amount on wax paper and then put that in baggies.  Now I want to mix up 1/4 cups of the henna individually, so that will be even more tedious.  (I'm going to use 1 henna cube to 3 indigos and she will use 2 henna to 2 indigo ratio).  I was wondering if I would be successful in mixing up a whole 100g bag with orange juice

cassia for white and iron grey hair


I use henna and am happy with it. My friend wants to try using cassia. She doesn't want any red or strawberry blond colour. She has white hair and iron grey hair. I know the cassia will colour the white hair. Will it cover the iron grey hair? She doesn't have dye-resistant grey. She wants a blond or light ash blond hair. She'll even go a bit darker; she just doesn't want red/copper/strawberry colour.

I'm not sure what to mix with the cassia, or even if I need to mix henna or indigo with the cassia. I'd appreciate any thoughts!


How to make recipe with powder and premade paste

I have a dilemma. I want to create my own chai kit with ingredients I have. I have frozen henna paste, my cassia is developing along with amla (instead of nightfall rose), and I have my indigo powder. So for 100g of cassia (on my shoulder length hair) I will add 25g indigo but how much henna paste? The instructions say equal amounts henna and indigo but I am sure that is referring to powder. I know henna powder weighs slightly more than indigo, therefore the volume of indigo would be a bit more than henna, but the henna paste issue throws me for a loop.

zekhara indigo and sudina indigo


I have been using sudina indigo for the past few years, I have been trying to order Sudina Indigo and it says it is currently out of stock.  Do you know how long it will take for it to be available.

I also see Zekhara indigo.  What is the difference between Sudina and Zekhara indigo?  Can i change to Zekhara indigo.  Are there any side effects to changing to Zekhara Indigo.




Indigo Question

Hello! I've been dyeing my hair with henna for years, so it's a nice auburn but I want a change. I'm interested in going a really saturated black. Any tips? TIA

New to henna, Gray/blonde wanting red

Hi, I’m brand new to henna. My daughter has been using it for years and her hair is gorgeous! 

I am hoping to get some advice and guidance from you guys. 

I used to bleach my hair, but haven’t done any bleach at all for over a year.  I have approx  5 inch long gray/silver roots and approx  4 inches of left over blonde ends. (My Hair was blonde before going gray) 

*I am hoping for a red that compliments my skin tone. I have a lot of red in my cheeks and it’s just getting redder as I get older. 

Any advice for a pale, red cheeked person?



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