Henna removal

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Henna removal

Is there a safe way to remove henna or speed up the fading?  I've heard of using bleach, but that's not something I'm willing to do, or recommend to people.  I've also heard of using peroxyde, which sounds a lot safer, but does it work?  Of course there's always exfoliation, dishwashing, going for a swim etc. but those take time.


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Re: Henna removal

Anything will take time.  Swimming  or long soaks in the tub with exfoliation are gentle and work ok.

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Re: Henna removal

Try the methods I posted in these threads:

http://forums.hennapage.com/node/1278 using baking soda



I supplied instructions for using either Vitamin C or baking powder. I was trying to remove indigo, but got henna out with both. Key is repeating the process and then doing a deep condition after.

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Re: Henna removal

magdalene - this is the body art side - removal here works a liiiiiittle different than the hair side. :)  We gotta scrub off skin!


Congrats for avoiding EVER telling clients to use bleach - I've got the scars to prove it's a BAD idea to recommend.  A good long soak and gentle exfoliation is really the best safest way.

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Re: Henna removal

I advocate tomatoes! I found this out by accident but it makes sense, tomatoes are acidic so if one was crushing them by hand for dinner in the hand they had henna in it takes it away rather quickly. That's exactly how I learnt about it and it's obviously not for all body parts but rather a quirky remedy.

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Re: Henna removal

I find soaking in lemon juice and then washing in warm soapy water works a treat, discovered this making my own lemonade and having to sqeeze the lemons without a juicer... Just make sure you don't have any cuts on your hands or it stings like nothing else.

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Re: Henna removal

 I have reasonably good luck with whitening toothpaste. Spread it on and leave it there a few minutes. Scrub and repeat if necessary.

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Re: Henna removal

Most of the replies here (soaking,vit C,toothpaste,ect) is a form of exfoliation.

I had the privilege recently of using "marshmallow" scented sugar scrub by Love Potion.

Im a sugar-scrub addict and so im fussy beyond comprehension.... I make my own because I hate when you buy a scrub and you feel greasy or oily or stinky afterwards.

The Love Potion sugar scrub uses moisturizers that leave you soft .... but nothing sitting on top of your skin. I LOVE it. No,I dont have stock in the company,lol, I just cant believe I would buy something someone else makes that I can make myself,simply because they make it better.

You have no idea how hard that was to say ;D


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