celebration henna - stringy?

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celebration henna - stringy?

sheesh, my third post in the last 2 days. i used purity henna before with no issues but i can't seem to get celebration right!

i have it all mixed up but it's quite stringy....should i add more sugar or oil to fix this?

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Re: celebration henna - stringy?

 'Too stringy' is can be a quality of the henna itself, or using too much sugar. I haven't found celebration to be stingy, so maybe it doesn't need as much sugar as you're used to.

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Re: celebration henna - stringy?

I haven't found Celebration to be that stringy.  It has other mixing challenges for me.  Neither sugar nor oil will tame stringiness though.  For stringy henna that winds up in a ball when you're trying to mix it, add more liquid and stir like crazy.  Stringy henna that is too thick is hard to manage.  Sometimes freezing it and defrosting it will tame the stringiness a bit. 

Celebration has a consistency all to itself.  I find it takes a bit more liquid to get right and alot of stirring.  It wants to form mini clumps more that other henna and straining through a nylon sock is essential for my mix.  I usually get tired of stirring half way through so I never get all the little lumps out, which don't want to go through the cone.  :)


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