cold/rainy weather & cracking henna paste

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cold/rainy weather & cracking henna paste

hello henna artists-

i've been doing henna for a year or so. i actually used one batch of paste for a whole year that i kept frozen. i just bought the same henna powder and mixed it like i always do. i have a party on saturday (in 4 days) so i wanted to test my batch. i did a design on my wrist, let it dry and sealed it with lemon-sugar...BUT it had started to crack before i sealed it, and when i sealed it, it seemed like it was just floating on my skin and not sticking at all.

i worried that since i have cold rainy weather, the paste might have not released the dye so i took the paste off after only an hour - it stained my skin but i am very worried about it cracking and flaking off.

what can i add to my paste to help it stick to skin in COLD weather? i added sugar & fruit fresh (which is dextrose, ascorbic acid, citric acid, silicon dioxide) and then added lemon juice until it was like mashed potatoes, i let it sit overnight (i'm guessing my house was around 70-75 degrees since i had the space heater right next to the counter my bowl was on) and then i added tea tree & lavender oil until it was like toothpaste.

should i add more sugar or should i add more oils?!

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Re: cold/rainy weather & cracking henna paste

 Add more sugar. That should fix ya up.

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Re: cold/rainy weather & cracking henna paste

Sounds like to you need more sugar.  A ratio of 1 part sugar to 6 parts of henna does the trick in damp weather in Minnesota.  Also be aware that henna done on any bendy parts of the body, like the wrist, ankles or knuckles is going to crack and try to fall off as you use those body parts.  Lemon sugar spray is also nice to have around to add a bit more flexibility to the henna paste.  Spritz it right before the henna is fully dry.

1 part sugar

1 part liquid (lemon, water or rose water)

heat to a simmer and then let it cool

add 1 part distilled water

Put into spray bottles

adding cloves, cardamom or mulling spices to the mixture when you're cooking it imparts a nice aroma to the spray.  If you find that it doesn't want to mist out of the bottles, just add a bit more liquid.


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Re: cold/rainy weather & cracking henna paste

dump the fruit fresh, too - that's a whole lot of acid for one batch, and silicon dioxide is SAND - it'll make your paste act funny and maybe clog your tips, too.  Whatever you do, take notes and write it down as you work and test, so if you hit the perfect spot you won't have to guess.  We've all been there - I spent the longest time getting my paste right and sometims I still get early cracking - but I can usually get wicked stain by then anyway.

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