Super-Quick Staining Henna

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Super-Quick Staining Henna

My husband is currently in Afghanistan and he described how some of the local women where using what they called henna for body art.  The unusual thing was that this paste achieved a dark stain within about 15 minutes of application.  I expressed concern that the paste may have PPD in it but he said that the stain was a very dark reddish brown, not black, as is typical of PPD stains.  I'm under the impression that these ladies don't even know what's in their paste or at the very least won't share.  I'm wondering what's in this stuff and how such a dark stain can be possible in such a short amount of time.

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Re: Super-Quick Staining Henna

 Yep, I know exactly what you're talking about and I have the same concerns. Lots of women call it "emergency mehndi" because it stains so quick. These are odd smelling, pre-made cones that often don't have any kind of ingredient list at all, and if they do its not in english! Hopefully its just cosmetic dyes added to real henna. It could be PPD based even if its not black though!

I would avoid it at all together.

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