Trouble finding small tips for my piping bags?

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Trouble finding small tips for my piping bags?

Hi, new here. I recently bought some carrot bags and couplers but I can't seem to find any tips smaller than 1, which doesn't look small enough to do intricate things. It seems like a common way to do henna since it's reccomended on the hennapage and all, but I can't find ANY info on smaller tips. I've tried googleing several different phrases but "henna tips" is just not very specific and with "decorating tips" I just get the Wilton tips with the smallest being 1. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks :)

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Re: Trouble finding small tips for my piping bags?

Instead of carrot bags (which are bulky and hard to handle), learn to roll a mylar or cellophane cone.  Small, inexpensive, easy on the hands, and you can make the tip any size you want.  Great instructions can be found here:

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Re: Trouble finding small tips for my piping bags?

I really can't see piping bags being a very good choice unless you were going for big, bold designs. Carrot bags/piping bags are generally used to fill cones or jac bottles and not used for the actual henna'ing. If you aren't interested in learning how to roll cones then I would suggest getting jac bottles, they have tips that are perfect for henna'ing. However I know many of us find the bottles to be incredibly hard on the hands, but there are a few who perfer them. To each their own really. Personally I find cones the best for me.

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Re: Trouble finding small tips for my piping bags?

Agreed - cones are the way to go! A piping bag is far too big to do nice fine lines. Lots of suppliers sell cones, and it's great to buy a bunch so you can play with them, take them apart, and figure out how to make your own.

There is a verrrrry old video on how to roll henna cones here:

I've recorded a new and improved henna cone rolling demonstration video which will be up very soon on my channel, also...subscribe and you'll be notified when it's posted:

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