traveling with henna paste

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traveling with henna paste

 I recently made a bunch of henna cones and flew to Florida with them.

I added about 25g of dextrose per 100g as I heard that Florida is humid. Then I placed the frozen henna cones into an insulated lunch box and packed it with travel icepacks.

When I got there, the first henna cone I used, came out beautifully. However, the second and third one seemed a little dry and did not come out smoothly. The fourth cone, which I used the next day was again easy to glide on but the fifth gave me the same problems..feeling lumpy and resistant to coming out. All the cones were made from the same batch.

Any ideas as to what happened? 

-Flying at high altitude caused a change?

-Florida temps (around 75-80's during that time) caused a change?

-Just bad luck?


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Re: traveling with henna paste

It may be that your paste separated a bit in transit.  I have had this happen when the paste has been through big temperature variances (like you would get if you coned at room temp, then into the cold of an airplane cargo area, then into the warmer Florida temps).  You might try kneading the lumpy cones for a while to re-incorporate the liquid into the paste, that has generally helped when I have had similar problems.

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