henna fading.

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henna fading.



I had a client last week. know she told to somebodys sister that here henna faded to quick. its not even a week. now i dont know what kind of factors played a rol in this quick fading. what i do now is that i used henna that i got send by my nieces from morocco that they have stamped and sifted self. so the henna is of good quality, at least thats what i think. She told me to sleep with it but i dont know if she really did this because i do know the longer you let the henna on you the longer the stain stays.

for the ingredients in my henna i used lemon juice and sugar and thats it.

so know im wondering if im missing something out.


thanx sailor.

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Re: henna fading.

 Terps give a quicker, darker, longer lasting stain.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [edited to remove link to off-site products]

Use this recipe to see how much and such.  I've never used Moroccan powder before, so the dye release times might be different.

Good luck :)

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