Want to buy new henna

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Want to buy new henna

Hello everyone!  I want to buy some new henna.  I have been a customer here for 3 or so years now.  I started with Yemen, went to PP and recently DOTM.  I'm about to run out of DOTM and I need to purchase more henna.   My hair is fairly dark it looks like a dark cherry now.  So, I can't usually tell a huge color difference I just want to know if there is a new henna on the site that people are liking right now?  I just like to try new stuff but, I am looking for good dye content.  :)  I don't have much gray I just really love the conditioning effects of henna my hair has never been in better shape!  I looked around on the shop page but, I'm having a hard time deciding!  Thanks so  much! I'm going to post on the old forum as well.  Have a great day! Robyn

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Re: Want to buy new henna

We just got in some new stuff.

Now that we're sending every new shipment to the lab for analysis ... you've got a better idea of what you're actually working with. 

The top dye content is Celebration at 3.4% Lawsone content.  Current Yemen is 2.4%.  Purity is 2.3%. Henna for African Hair is 2.2%.

We didn't have the inventory control nailed down when we tested PP, but the sample was certified at 1.7%.

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Re: Want to buy new henna

hi, question>> in regards to dye content.. high dye content= ?

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Re: Want to buy new henna

The lowest dye content (such as BAQ2 from Pakistan) will give a coppery color. Brighter shades of red are made by hennas that fall in the middle such as PP. Very high dye content hennas, such as Purity and Celebration, will give deep auburn.

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