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Henna Trendz
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artist listing banner


this question is for the admins...

I just recently created my website..and would like to have a banner up in the artists listing on hennapage.. I understand there is a one time 20 dollars fee involved.. I will have some henna related products for sale too on my website... though primarily the purpose of my website is to market my henna skills and promote my henna art...

So my question is, because I will have henna powder, glitters etc for sale on my website, does that mean i have to pay the 250 dollars fee also? I only want my banner up in the artists listing page...and not the suppliers list...


Please, i hope someone answers this question for me...I have written twice to the email address provided in the artist listing page and have not received a response :(


Thank you so much!


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Re: artist listing banner

Sorry for the slow response.  I'm totally overworked here.

As of January 1, the artists listings will be cropped back to people who are are artists only, and are not vendoring henna or other products.

My insurance simply will not allow me to be in a position of liability for merchants I have no control over.  Therefore, I strongly discourage live links to commercial sites on this forum, and will remove them from the rest of the site as of January 1. 

I will still carry ads for artists, but only those who are just working as artists, or at least who are not selling other goods on their websites.

Once, Hennapage was the only henna page, and the only way for a henna entrepreneur to get going.  I felt a responsibility to henna and henna artists to provide a way to get going.  Now, the web has a million ways to advertise, to link, to get known and grow.  There is no compelling reason for me to provide people with the tools to create their own prosperity, now that they can be their own architects.

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