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Question about events
How much do you need to make to consider an event a 'success'? Do you go in hoping for a certain dollar amount? I did a garden/art fair today. It didn't take me long to realize that it was more 'garden' than 'art' and that I wasn't going to make much money. I made 2x my vendor fee but considering the vendor fee was so dirt cheap (which is great, I know the organizer well and want to support her), it doesn't amount to much. I reluctantly call it a success. VERY reluctantly.
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Re: Question about events
I have slow events, too but also look at how many people freaked on your work and took a card or brochure. People DO remember to call when they want a party. They will sometimes be the wrong crowd for henna, so don't give up. I spent 2 LONNNG months in a mall booth lease surrounded by folks who liked to watch, and hear about it, but not get it. In a previous thread I think Catherine said you should in this situation go into your bathroom and weep for 30 seconds then forget about it.
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Re: Question about events

Anytime you can walk away from a festival and not lose money I feel is successful. If you are doing what you love to do ,get some exposure and get some cards in peoples hands it sounds like a winner.There is always room for improvement.

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Re: Question about events

I was once offered a table at a fair for free. Being new to henna I decided to not charge per design but put out a tip jar. I had some ideas of simple deisgns I put out and I also took requests. Over four hours I made $80. I know that I did more than 16 people (if i had charged $5 a design) but I had a lot of fun doing it and still made a profit.


I must agree that any time you do better than breaking even (after supply costs) you're doing good.

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Re: Question about events

You can think of it in terms of how did you do hourly for all the time you put in - planning, preparing, packing, setting up, breaking down, transporting, actually working the festival, etc.  Then factor in whether it was good for marketing and what that was worth to you; then even if the hourly was low, if it was good enough cash flow to justify it for you. 

Rule of thumb:  how do you feel about yourself at the end of the day?  If you feel used and abused, it wasn't worth it.  If you feel pretty good, it probably was. 

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Re: Question about events

I did one festival last year where I lost money.  I gained a regular client though who gets henna about once a month during the warm months.  Her private appointments have more than made up for the financial hardship of the gig.  The festival may have been a bomb, but if I hadn't been there, I would have lost a consistent reliable client.

If I feel good at the end of the day, it's a success.

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Re: Question about events

If I make as much PROFIT as I would have earned at my day job, that is to say money above and beyond my booth fee and my gas cost etc, then it was difinitely worth it.  Especially since I'd much rather do henna than my day job work!

I used to do a Garden/Art Festival when I was starting, and I never made very much money there, but I loved the people who owned the greenhouse, and the vibe was so nice that just being able to hang out there for the weekend made up for the lack of income, so it really just depends.



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