Do you wear gloves?

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Do you wear gloves?

I'm curious if you ever wear (medical) gloves to do henna? What about when you're prepping the skin? Most of the photos I see online, the artist is not gloved, but I have been gloving up. My husband and I run a tattoo studio, so I think people expect to see me put on gloves before I start with them. Maybe this would be different for a private off-site party? What are your thoughts on this?

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Re: Do you wear gloves?

I don't glove for a few reasons. Firstly you glove up at a tattoo shop because you're going to be touching bodily fluids and breaking skin so the gloves as you know act as a barrier between you and the client. Doing henna you will not be breaking skin or touching bodily fluids (at least you shouldn't be).

It's well known that clients enjoy and relax during the henna'ing process because of the human touch involved, I personally think that the gloves would seriously affect that feeling making it more impersional.

I also find that gloves are annoying and get in my way (I've used them medically and when I worked in the food services industry).

I think even though you're in a tattoo shop, if you're only doing henna then clients shouldn't be expecting you to wear gloves and many might be surprised (possibly uncomfortable) to see you wearing them.

But to each their own, I am just speaking from my own experances, heck I've had kids freak when I pulled out the alcohol swab thinking they were going to get a needle.

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Re: Do you wear gloves?

I do not wear gloves.  I henna all summer at festivals, at private parties, corporate events and for brides.  I think wearing gloves would give the impression that there is some sort of danger involved - perhaps the cone piercing the skin, pain, or disease transmission.  Henna is a relaxing and pampering cosmetic treatment.  Imagine a massage with gloves.

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Re: Do you wear gloves?

I completely agree with the other two, I know its probably second nature for you to put on gloves, but you really need to break that habit when doing henna, I think it would scare away my customers if I pulled on gloves!  Also, I like to be able to feel the skin that I'm hennaing, so I can tell if there is anything on the skin like lotions or oils that I need to remove first.

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