Mixed Celebration henna with Rajastani. Now what?

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Mixed Celebration henna with Rajastani. Now what?

Hi, I am making some henna cones for a henna party at my house on Sunday. My previous experiments with Celebration henna have been that the color has not stayed dark for more than 3-4 days and that the henna dries very quickly on the hand.

So I have done a 50/50 mix of Celebration henna and Rajastani henna. Due to the time (Its late in the evening right now), I decided to put the mix in the fridge overnight.

Q1) Is it ok for the henna to be in the fridge before dye release? If not, what do I do if I cant stay up until 2am waiting for dye release?

Q2)Do I still need to add dextrose to the mix as I have Rajastani henna in it? If so, how much?

Q3) I have Eucalyptus Oil at home. How much shall I add to a 200g mix of henna?

Q4) Can I add amla or indigo to the henna cones to help darken the stain? They are both used to create darker hair colors so I assumed that they would also do the same for skin.

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Re: Mixed Celebration henna with Rajastani. Now what?

if it's drying out too quickly, by all means add some sugar, even with the raj.   I've had good luck with 2:1 celebration to raj,  3:1 henna to fructose/sucrose mix, about 2:1 lemon juice to powder (I live in a ridiculously dry area), and I can never remember the ratio of essential oils, so I have to look it up all the time.  I think henna caravan .com has the ratio in their "kiss" recipe, but I think it's in the neighborhood of 1/8 teaspoon measure per 30 g henna?  Is your eucalyptus the globulus variety?  I think that's the one with the highest monoterpene alcohol content.  Don't bother with amla or indigo.  Too big to penetrate skin to the depth that henna does.  Won't help the skin stain.  Good luck!

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