Defamation or False Light?

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Defamation or False Light?

I submitted a henna article to an Indian cultural magazine (state wide distribution) for publication. I was told that they accepted the article and I was looking forward to seeing it published. When I finally got a copy, I saw that without my consent or knowledge, they completely changed about 80% of it, but put my name and photos on it and published it anyway. Much of what they wrote is factually and historically wrong, not to mention very poorly written and confusing. I am terribly embarassed by what they did and asked them to print a retraction and apology. They refused and basically told me to stick it. I am not sure if this is considered defamation or false light, but I am humiliated and angered by it. Has anyone else been through this? I think I need a lawyer. Advice appreciated. CCJ?

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Re: Defamation or False Light?

Unless you had a written agreement with them about editing and the right to review before you began ... you're hosed. 

Yes, its annoying to be lied to, lied about, screwed over, and have your work stolen, pillaged, and mucked up by ignorant idiots. If you protest, they wave their victim and entitlement card rally their troups to join for a moment of hate.  Sadly, knowledge is socially constructed, and people prefer misinformation if it makes them feel good, reinforces mutually agreed upon lies, or elevates them in the hierarchy of their peers. 

Some day, if you meet me, lets have a beer and we'll commiserate.  Anybody else want to join us?

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Re: Defamation or False Light?

I'm in!  Let's discuss stolen research projects and passing off other people's ideas as your own when it's quite obviously clear ya didn't have a clue as to the original contexts and relevant research. . . and then getting kudos for yer deep thoughts. . . in front of the person who first mentioned it and was planning on using it.  Frustration, thy name is Tetsu.

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Re: Defamation or False Light?

Or when you take the time to patiently teach someone what you know about henna, by your own hard work and research, and have them ignore your advice, muck up the process, and spread misinformation along with some really bad henna while simultaneously touting your name as the one  who taught them everything they know.  Does that count?  ::beer me::

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Re: Defamation or False Light?

Isn't that always the way of it! Sort of reminds me of the other topic about giving proper credit to artists. When an artist does great work other people want to take credit for it but when those kinds of people do crappy work of their own they want to shift the blame to someone else.

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