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I have a queastion about the aftercare of henna when its aplyed.

Im going to put henna on a bride this friday and i was wondering what to do when the henna is dryed.

Do i have to wet it every time or do i just seal it with a lemon/sugar seal and thats it or just do nothing and leave it like that?

Tips and trick are welcome.


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Re: Aftercare?

I am guessing from your question that you are extremely new to henna.   Are you and the bride comfortable with your experience level?  Bridal henna usually brings with it a greater expectation of perfection.  Apart from that, basic aftercare is the same.  

Simple answer:  Seal with lemon sugar.

You can also wrap it in toilet paper and tape it snugly.  Have her leave the paste on for 4 to 8 hours, then scrape (not wash) it off.  Keep it dry for a full 24 hours, apply olive oil or cocoa butter before showering, don't scrub it and gently pat dry.

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Re: Aftercare?

The lemon sugar seal will wet it a bit when you apply it, so make sure it dries properly before you wrap it.

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