Attending an Indian Wedding Expo

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Attending an Indian Wedding Expo

So I have purchased a booth at the Indian Wedding Expo this weekend.  I am looking to market to indian brides for their Sangeet or Mehndi party.

I have never advertised this way.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Should I set up the booth like a typical festival and charge guests while advertising our services for bridal henna? Or should I give small designs away and not charge for them. Or both...

Should I give away a coupon..example: $25 off, raffel off something.....

Thanks in advance for any advice or words of wisdom.

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Re: Attending an Indian Wedding Expo

i have attended a lot of indian wedding and i found drawing henna patterns on hand and showcasing them is an important part of the merriage and they have a special function called mehndi ceremony where the a henna expert used to draw henna patterns on the hand of the bride and so following the family member.So finally i have decided to made a blog on henna patterns by which some one can learn how to draw henna patterns and can became a expert.

so here is the link-

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Re: Attending an Indian Wedding Expo

Hi Shenna,

How did you make out at the Bridal Expo, would you mind sharing any tips that help you or you would have done differently? I was thinking about doing one myself in tri state area (NJ, NY, PA) but wasn't too sure...Hope you made out successful!

Love and Light


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