does indigo stay fresh for one year

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does indigo stay fresh for one year


i thought i would henndigo my hair last year at this time..and ordered some samples of henna and indigo.. and I still have some samples of indigo . I am ready to experiment with hair balls again (hopefully this year i'll actually take the plunge and hennigo my hair)...are my indigo samples still active? They have been exposed to the air/light (within the plastic bags they arrived in) for part of the year...would it be best to order new samples. i want to make sure that the hairball experiments will be true to the color I will get when  I newly order the indigo to  color all my hair)

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Re: does indigo stay fresh for one year

While it probably still has some dye available in it, it may not be as strong as fresh indigo so I'd wait and do testing with the actual batch you're going to use on your hair.

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