which henna provides a brownish color

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which henna provides a brownish color

I recently had a henna tattoo on my hand and arm, and the color was a brown color.  She indicated that she purchases her henna from the henna page, but did not tell me what kind she purchased.  I would like to replicate this and start doing some of this body art for some extra cash.

Can someone tell me what type of henna this might be, or suggest one of their favorites?  Is the pre-mixed henna any good?

Thank you for any help anyone would like to share.

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Re: which henna provides a brownish color

The darkest brown we have for henna on an arm is Celebration at 3.4% lawsone content.

Its always best to learn to mix your own!  We don't have any control over what might happen to paste between our warehouse and your house.

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Re: which henna provides a brownish color

whereabouts are you?  The artist might be willing to help you get started, too.  Henna for money does take a little practice in addition to good powder, there is a bit of a learning curve!


Good luck!

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