Site openly showing black henna

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Stacy aka Fahiima
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Site openly showing black henna

Thought you guys might find this one interesting. One Somali shop in MN now has a site showing pics of their PPD art for the whole world to see. The pic of the chest piece is interesing as it is very dark and presumably wasn't left on for long, yet it is quite dark. In my experience Somalis use PPD alone and fill with red as the first pictures demonstrate. This is my first time just seeing PPD laced henna that is brown. Something else to watch out for!

Edited ...... our insurance underwriter doesn't permit live links to external commercial websites (we've had lawsuit threats before, really, I'm not kidding) .... but you can look up Amallina - Somali Henna and find it.

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Re: Site openly showing black henna

Okay, so I've been watching this lady's Facebook page.  Quite frankly, I joined it because I've been looking for pictures of that style of design, and have had a hard time finding them.  (Somali designs, NOT PPD).  I keep seeing comments of customers saying "thanks for the henna tattoo" etc. when clearly it's not henna at all.  What do you suggest doing?  I feel like sending messages to anyone who has posted something there, I've even wanted to put some comments on her pictures, but I don't know, is that crossing a line?  It wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't calling it henna, and obviously tricking her clients into thinking that too!

So, any suggestions?  Should I post something right on her wall for all to see?  Contact people who have been to her?  Or just send her a discreet message?  I don't know what to do, but I feel like I have to do something!

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Re: Site openly showing black henna

There is probably not much to be gained by confronting her. 

There is a great deal to be gained by contacting the local health department and telling them that this is going on, (in four part harmony with a handfull of evidence and medical papers) and that dermatologists and pediatricians should know what to watch out for.

There have been places where ALL henna has gotten shut down because nobody went to the proper authorities and let them know what to watch out for.

IE ...... if there is a meth lab in your neighborhood, don't go try to talk to the person cooking meth.  When a person is committed to making money by doing something, they're often a titch defensive about being told they're endangering themselves and others.  Go to the police or health department and tell them what you've seen.  They procedures for this sort of thing. 

If the health department has been warned, and they don't do anything, then injured people get to sue the city for negligence, and that's always fun!  If you can find out who owns the mall .... you could let them know they can be named in an injury suit. 

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