Refreshing uneven henna

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Refreshing uneven henna

I've been using henna for about 10 years now. I've only done two full-head applications (the first one and one about a year later), and the rest of the time root applications. The second full application went too dark for me. Thankfully, I discovered at that time that tea tree oil mixed with shampoo will pull henna out, so I was able to correct the color. 

The last time I did my roots, the henna ended up dripping down all the hair around the sides of my face, so that hair got refreshed and nothing else did. It is too bright for me, although I go for a rich copper color. When looking closely, I realized how bright the hair around the sides of my face is while the rest of my hair has very, very faded henna. It's strawbery blond and light brown now.  The line of demarcation is quite strong. I've pulled some of the henna from the sides of my face using the TTO, but it is still brighter than the rest of my hair. 

I know I need to do a full application again, but I'm unsure of the timing --especially the hair on the sides of my face vs the rest of my hair. I'm using Rajasthani Monsoon. My first every application was 3 hours on pretty light brown/almost blond hair, (which was colored at the time) and I loved the color. I have gradually been been reducing the amount of time to now about 1 hour.

I'm going to use the TTO a time or two more to try to pull more henna out of the brighter spots, but I'm not sure how much more I can pull out.

Can anyone weigh in on how long I should do a full application, and if I should leave it on the brighter hair for a longer or shorter period of time than the rest of my hair? Or should a full application on all my hair even it all out?

Thank you!! :)

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Refreshing Henna color


Could you send a picture of your current hair color and a picture of what you are wanting to This will help us give you a better recommendation on the timing for your roots and the length of your hair.

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